Emenbee Changelog 14/02/2018
Wed, 14 Feb 2018


+ Added in a small PvP mode for casual pvping.

+ Various other cool little features added.

* Changed the hub from Christmas/Winter back to the regular style.


+ Added particles to the Creative shop.

+ Added in inventory items for the Head Database and the Creative shop.

+ Added the elytra booster from Skyblock to creative.

+ Added in 4 NPC's to the spawn: Plot Auto, Shop, Rank Info, and Information.

+ Diamonds now have access to a particle wing builder. Command: /wings


- Fixed some grammatical errors in the crates.


* Updated the /rankinfo information.

Emenbee Changelog 28/01/2018
Sun, 28 Jan 2018


+ Added //distr, //outline, //size, //br cylinder and //rotate for Guests.

+ Added mutliple more fun worldedit commands for Donors.

+ Added voxelsniper for Veteran.

- Anvils now support colour formatting. ie. &7, &6, &c, etc.

* Changed and improved voting rewards.


+ Added in Hoverbikes to the vehicle list.

+ Added permanent nightvision. Command: /nv

+ Add the command /tutorial for easier access to the tutorial.

+ Added commands: /sell all and /sell hand

* The Mine now works with MCMMO and Jobs.


- Fixed the problem with using fire on islands.

- Fixed Ghast fireball griefing.


+ Added in a global /servers command.

* Updated the information in Rank Info.

Creative Rank Changes
Thu, 18 Jan 2018

Creative and realms ranks are finally one of the same. This change was made to simplify management, and give more access to more users. Guest now has permission for many worldedit commands by default, and no more voting for access. The ranks Novice, Builder, Designer, Constructor, Artist, and Virtuoso still remain and will be given along side your realms rank. These ranks unlock more plots, higher worldedit block change limits, and eventually access to larger plots. Unfortunatly, because guests now have access to much of worldedit there is less to give to the donor ranks. Because of this, donor ranks from creative have been removed and the remaining abilities will be merged into the realms donor ranks. If you had a creative donor rank, you can request to have your realms donor rank increased equivalently. Additionally, if you purchased a creative donor rank in the last 6 months you can request a refund. Lastly, welcome all the old creative staff into the realms moderation team.