Voting Reset and Top Voters
Tue, 07 Jul 2015

Lasts months voting has reset and the top voter rank goes to...


cheeseburger951 (winner)



green_pig_e (winner)

JrMod (winner)




The three lucky winners have recieved a $50 donor rank upgrade. If you are a winner and wish to use your $50 for something else please contact me.

Factions Reset
Sat, 27 Jun 2015

The factions server has reset! This means there is a new map, and all player data has been reset. For a full list of changes click here.

Op Prison Reset
Tue, 16 Jun 2015

The op prison server has been reset and revamped. The new server includes a new spawn, 26 unique new mines, and much more. Earn tokens from voting, mining, trading, and the voting chest to buy enchantment upgrades for your pickaxes. All players will start off with a starter pickaxe (donors will be more powerful) which can be upgraded. The upgradable enchantments include efficiency, fortune, explosion, haste, speed boost, and even jump boost. Visit /warp enchant for the enchantment shop. Along with upgrading your pickaxe to gain ores faster, you can obtain selling multipliers to increase your money income. Temporary multipliers can be obtained from voting, and from the voting crate (donors have an additional permanent multiplier). It has also been made easier to sell your items. Just teleport to your rank's mine with /warp {rank name} and sell your ores with /sell. Once you have enough money for the next rank use the command /rankup to rank up to the next rank listed at /ranks. Once you make it to the free rank you will be able to access the free world. You will be able to protect land on the free world so you may build without griefing. If you have what it takes to grind your way to the free rank, don't worry there is still and incentive to keep mining. Free players will get access to purchasing prestige levels. Prestiging will NOT reset your rank, but will reward you with tokens, more free world land claims, and more. Purchasing new prestige levels costs a lot of money, but free players have access to all the mines where all the ores can be sold for high prices in the free shop. Just like the old prison server, there is a plots world where chest shops can be made so players can trade with each other. Get those pickaxes ready and mine your way to freedom and riches!