Voting Reset and Top Voters
Wed, 01 Apr 2015

Lasts months voting has reset and the top voter rank goes to...


duty157 - 24+ votes

pi_rocks - 24+ votes

ExtraDerpyMan - 24+ votes

JrMod - 24+ votes

OwlEyes2013 (winner) - 24+ votes

UkrencraftCrew - 24+ votes

Foe88 - 24+ votes

UsaLax738 - 24+ votes

Rasmus_JR - 24+ votes

Slow_Brow - 24+ votes

tkfir - 24+ votes

Manopokiko3 (winner) - 24+ votes

Mine_messi (winner) - 24+ votes

OpTic_HypRVeNOm - 24+ votes

Sboopy - 24+ votes


The three lucky winners have recieved a $50 donor rank upgrade. If you are a winner and wish to use your $50 for something else please contact me.

Voting Reset and Top Voters
Sun, 01 Mar 2015

Lasts months voting has reset and the top voter rank goes to...


Coltor55 - 28 votes

itachi1080 - 28 votes

Pumpk1n_Pr0z - 28 votes

CXMorgan - 28 votes

epicflipper - 28 votes

epic_mitch - 28 votes

JS2014 - 28 votes

Manopokiko3 - 28 votes

millerburton (winner) - 28 votes

NoLimitsKrafter - 28 votes

Pedro_Binotti (winner) - 28 votes

RULOP - 28 votes

sportsoliver7 (winner) - 28 votes

TigerLords - 28 votes

universalron90 - 28 votes

Sboopy - 28 votes


The three lucky winners have been sent a private message on the forums with their $50 coupon code.

Name Changing
Thu, 05 Feb 2015

As many of you may already know, Mojang has released the ability to change your Minecraft username. This may seem like a great feature but I would strongly advise against changing your username for the time being. If you change your username, this will be like getting a whole new account on Emenbee. You will lose all your stats, towns, plots, monthly votes, money, coins, pets, particles, infected prestige, protection stones, prison rank, mcmmo stats, skyblock islands, and more. You will keep some things which include global rank, ban/mute status, inventory, and last login location. As time goes on more things will be added to the list of things you keep. It is ultimately your choice wether or not you want to change your name, but if you don't want your account reset on the server then do not change your username. We will not be transfering over data to new usernames if you do decide to change your name.

EDIT 1: Coins, pets, and particles now support name changing.