7 Years
Tue, 30 Oct 2018

October 24 marks the 7 year anniversary of Emenbee Realms! It has been an amazing 7 years, and I thank every one of you for your support over the years. I have learned so much, and made many friends from my time running Emenbee Realms. It has been a long time coming, but unfortunaly it is time to say good bye. To make things simple I will answer a few common questions below:


Can you or a staff member help with...?

No, sorry.

What is the reason the server is shut down?

A lot of factors contributed to this. It started a few years ago with changes made to the game made by Mojang. With things like having to support 1.7 - 1.13.* in order to stay competative, to crazy monitization rules. The lack of support from the company that makes the game causes me lose belief in the future of the game. Following that, it came to the point where I was unable to continue managing the server.

Please revive the server, I can help.

Thank you for offering your help, but that will not happen. 

Can I buy the server files and ownership from you?

No, you would probably not be able to run it. Considering the amount of work it would take to transfer knowledge of how things work, it would probably be easier to start a new server from scratch. Plus I do not want to sell it. There are 7 years of work and memories that I can not put a price on.

Can you send your players to my new server? I aspire to make a big server!

Make a good server, advertise, and players will come. I do not have a server in mind to send players looking for a new server. I suggest Google searching for a server with games you like. Most content on Emenbee can be found similarly elsewhere. If you are running a server, you can send me a message on discord and I can give you a few tips.

How much longer will the server stay online?

Currently hub and creative are online. It is not managed so many things are likey not working. There is no date I plan on shutting them down, as they are running for free on cheap hardware.

Can I download my creative build?

Yes, log into creative, go to your plot and type /plot download.

Where can I find my old Emenbee friends?

Discord server

What are the stats?

7 years. 1531 peak concurrent players. 1,000,000+ unique players. 7000 donors. 150 staff members.


Thank you,

Bryan (Pendar2)

Emenbee Changelog 14/02/2018
Wed, 14 Feb 2018


+ Added in a small PvP mode for casual pvping.

+ Various other cool little features added.

* Changed the hub from Christmas/Winter back to the regular style.


+ Added particles to the Creative shop.

+ Added in inventory items for the Head Database and the Creative shop.

+ Added the elytra booster from Skyblock to creative.

+ Added in 4 NPC's to the spawn: Plot Auto, Shop, Rank Info, and Information.

+ Diamonds now have access to a particle wing builder. Command: /wings


- Fixed some grammatical errors in the crates.


* Updated the /rankinfo information.

Emenbee Changelog 28/01/2018
Sun, 28 Jan 2018


+ Added //distr, //outline, //size, //br cylinder and //rotate for Guests.

+ Added mutliple more fun worldedit commands for Donors.

+ Added voxelsniper for Veteran.

- Anvils now support colour formatting. ie. &7, &6, &c, etc.

* Changed and improved voting rewards.


+ Added in Hoverbikes to the vehicle list.

+ Added permanent nightvision. Command: /nv

+ Add the command /tutorial for easier access to the tutorial.

+ Added commands: /sell all and /sell hand

* The Mine now works with MCMMO and Jobs.


- Fixed the problem with using fire on islands.

- Fixed Ghast fireball griefing.


+ Added in a global /servers command.

* Updated the information in Rank Info.