Creative Rank Changes
Thu, 18 Jan 2018

Creative and realms ranks are finally one of the same. This change was made to simplify management, and give more access to more users. Guest now has permission for many worldedit commands by default, and no more voting for access. The ranks Novice, Builder, Designer, Constructor, Artist, and Virtuoso still remain and will be given along side your realms rank. These ranks unlock more plots, higher worldedit block change limits, and eventually access to larger plots. Unfortunatly, because guests now have access to much of worldedit there is less to give to the donor ranks. Because of this, donor ranks from creative have been removed and the remaining abilities will be merged into the realms donor ranks. If you had a creative donor rank, you can request to have your realms donor rank increased equivalently. Additionally, if you purchased a creative donor rank in the last 6 months you can request a refund. Lastly, welcome all the old creative staff into the realms moderation team.

Emenbee Changelog 01/04/2018
Thu, 04 Jan 2018


+ Added in day time signs in the Spawn.

+ Added in the command /ranks.

- Fixed an issue with the Wither Skull disguise in /shop.

* Changed the MOTD for when you log in.


+ Added in "The Mine". /warp mine

+ Re-enabled ore smelting with BBQ's.

- Fixed some text errors in the crates.


- Fixed some text errors in the crates.

Please report any bugs or issues on the forums, or to a mod, and it will be looked into as soon as possible. 

Voting Reset and Top Voters
Mon, 01 Jan 2018

Lasts months voting has reset and the top voter rank goes to...


Elfia (winner)

Templar_Acehole (winner)

Rumble2013 (winner)


Mol_o (winner)

vivien147 (winner)






If you are a winner use the contact page to receive your $50 store credit.