Emenbee Changelog 12/27/2017
Wed, 27 Dec 2017


+ Re-added the elytra booster plugin. Press shift while gliding to get a boost!

+ Added Head Database, free for everyone to use. Command: /hdb

+ Added hoppers to the Voter Crate.

+ Added warning messages for starting new islands, and for when resetting your island.

- Fixed the issue where Iron+ couldn't use /craft.

- Fixed the challenge "It's A Jelly Party" so it would give the guardian spawn egg reward.

- Fixed the challenge "Alchemist" so you can only complete it 100 times.

- Fixed visitors being able to place lava, visitors being able to open unlocked chests, visitors being able to use levers, doors, etc., and multiple other visitor settings.

* Changed the challenge "Wart Master" icon to nether wart.


+ Added in a plugin for Iron+ to edit their armor stands. Command: /astools

* Made it so that all shulker boxes will automatically lock when placed.


* Updated the Rankinfo information.

Please report any bugs or issues on the forums, or to a mod, and it will be looked into as soon as possible. 

Voting Reset and Top Voters
Tue, 31 Oct 2017

Lasts months voting has reset and the top voter rank goes to...






Mol_o (winner)

CaptainSprinklez (winner)

Nickhk (winner)



If you are a winner use the contact page to receive your $50 store credit.

6 Years
Wed, 25 Oct 2017

Emenbee Realms has turned 6 years old! To celebrate, enjoy a 25% sale in the store until November 3rd.